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The Bucket List

Ok, being a writer, everyone expects a story when you’ve been, seen and have done something different.  For our 50th wedding anniversary, BJ and I took a trip up to Maine and back.  While I have stories in mind, I just need to check off some items on my bucket list.  Ever since the movie, “The Bucket List,” with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman came out, everyone has created a list.  We were no different, so here is my list of completed ones on this trip and the ones still to do, listed at the end.



1.                  Mount Airy NC. The Real Mayberry USA.  (Nice)

2.                 Gettysburg Battleground.  (Take the bus tour!)

3.                 Lancaster County PA.  Amish Country. (Highly recommend, one of our favorites!)

4.                Hershey Factory Tour. (So so)

5.                 Travel New England States.  (Outstanding)

6.                Stay at Boothbay Harbor Maine.  (Can’t wait to do it again.)

7.                 Visit L.L. Bean Stores in Freeport Maine.  (Wow!)

8.                Visit Acadia National Park, Maine.  (Cadillac Mountain was great)

9.                Eat Lobster at Bar Harbor Maine. (First & last, give me shrimp any day).

10.            Buy Maple Syrup in Vermont.  ($70 Worth?)

11.              Get BJ on a boat at Niagara Falls.  (Frighten, soaked and froze her all most to death.)

12.             Let BJ drive through Cleveland Ohio. (Ha!)

13.             Tour the Ark Encounter in Kentucky.  (No words to describe this beautiful creation!  A must see.) 

As you can see I have trimmed my list down somewhat, but here are just some of ones left to do.



1.                  Visit the Creation Museum near the Ark Encounter.

2.                 Fly one more time with my longtime friend and service buddy, Randy Sizemore.  (The greatest Chinook Helicopter Pilot in the world.)

3.                 Zip line across the Grand Canyon.  (At the widest point, while eating a Hershey Bar.  With BJ of course.)

4.                Hike the Appalachian Trail. (The whole long way!)

5.                 Canoe the Suwannee from the Okefenokee Swamp to the Gulf of Mexico.

6.                Catch a 10+ pound bass with my brother, Irv at Lake Blackshear.

7.                 Retire December 29th 2016.

8.                Write a Best-Selling Novel.

9.                In progress is to continue to watch my kids and grandkids become great citizens of this great country that I love so much…



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