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Dempsey laying flat on the ground, pushed himself along the fresh cut hay trying to rid himself of that awful smell that covered his chest. The fourth lesson he learned in such a very short time that night was, that sliding along the fresh cut hay will not remove the smell of fresh skunk perfume.

You know, country living has great benefits for young people. Even more so, if it is deep in the heart of agriculture country. The one draw back, (not that it is one), is that the young people, unlike their city friends, have to invent most of their own games. So, if three friends like Dempsey, Keith and Richard happen to be out one night walking across a damp hay field and see fresh tracks leading away from them, then the game is to follow it. What more fun is there to three full blooded country boys, than to follow fresh animal tracks. And what the more fun, if the trail leads to a skunk. A large skunk that was just minding his own business, but now surrounded by three grinning country boys. Now, “Boys will be boys,” does not apply here. I was not raised in the country, but even I know that you don’t mess with a skunk. People raised in the suburbs have been known to run over one on the highway and remember that smell clearly. That smell strongly says to “leave me be!”

So, lesson number one is to “Leave him alone.” However, that lesson was ignored. Lesson number two, don’t listen to Dempsey when he says, “If you pick him up by the tail he can’t spray you, because he can’t brace his hind legs on anything.” However, Dempsey, believing his own wisdom, picked him up. Lesson number three, Yes, he can spray you by just pressing his hind leg together. And he did! A big beautiful perfume cloud surrounded the three friends, with Dempsey getting the worst of it. Now this should have been the end of the game. I mean the smell is the worst of any smell anywhere at any time. It is so bad that you really can’t describe it. Or, at least I can’t. So, this should have sent them packing to find relief from the smell. But alas, not these country boys. Dempsey, with even more wisdom beyond his years announced that, “He can only spray once, until his body makes more perfume,” and he picks up the skunk by the tail again, and no, this skunk didn’t spray him again. But who other than country boys would even try it after the first time. I do believe that I would not have believed Dempsey this time.

So, there you have it folks. Three country boys and their newly invented game of, “I bet you can’t spray me.” Only I think this particular game never caught on, and was played only this one time. That takes us to the last lesson number four, mentioned before, that sliding along the fresh cut hay on your belly will not remove the smell of fresh skunk perfume. In fact it was several days before the smell started to dissipate. You gotta love country boys and this community.


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