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Let it rain!

Open the floodgates of Heaven and let it rain!

I don’t know Michael W. Smith, but I love his song. I have no idea what inspired him to write it, but I do know that it has cause me to pray for God to open the floodgates of Heaven and let it rain. As I think about my life, my family and our country, I can’t help but pray for God’s Spirit to rain down on us. There are few, if any, families around that have not had trials in their lives and need to find that peace that passes all understanding. Everybody needs a little rain. May it rain down on you today. There is a lot of hurt in the world and it seems that rather than asking God to let His Spirit rain down, we just want to pile it on. We just go about shooting our wounded.

Our country needs God. I have no idea what your beliefs are, but I hope you can at least see that. We have the greatest country in the world, however I have never seen such ugliness. Never in my life time have I seen such that comes from so called pundits, the media or the people that we have elected to lead us. Lord, open the floodgates of Heaven and let it rain on our great nation. We are blessed more than we deserve, yet we cannot even have a national election without trying to destroy each other.

We want to see your Glory, God!

Let it rain!

Open the floodgates of Heaven and let it rain!

As Natalie Grant wrote:

Holy Spirit rain down,

Let your power fall,

Let your voice be heard,

Come and change our hearts,

As we stand on your word,

Holy Spirit rain down.

Do you feel the rain?


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The other morning there was no hot water and I had to take a cold shower. Afterwards I checked to see if the breaker was tripped and it wasn’t, so I knew it was the heating element. I told BJ that I would stop by Lowes on the way home and pick up one and install it that afternoon. No big deal, I mean after all it will only take about 15 minutes. What with my many years experience working in maintenance and construction, I am no novice at this, so I take a little offence when BJ suggested that maybe we should call a plumber.


I gently reminded her how handy I am and all the buildings I built along with all my maintenance experience, to which she replied that, sometimes things just happen to you. I asked like what and she said, “you know, things like what happen when you installed the refrigerator and the dishwasher.”


Well, after thanking her for her confidence in me, I am now more determined than ever to make this my finest example of home improvement. So I now begin.


I turn off the breaker for safety, then the water. I hook up the water hose to the faucet at the bottom of the tank and run it outside to drain the water in the tank. After turning it on I then pulled up on the relief valve to let air into the tank to speed up the draining. After a few minutes the water stopped flowing. I proceeded to take out the heating element. But wouldn’t you know it, it will not budge. I put a pull bar on my wrench and put all my weight into it, but to no avail. It was like the element was welded to the heater. The only thing left to do was go get the air compressor and impact wrench. Even then the heating element all but stalled out the wrench, but I kept on until it finally broke loose.


Not only did it break loose, but it broke off leaving the electrode in the tank! There was so much calcium built up in the bottom of the tank that it froze the electrode. That was only the beginning of my trouble. What I did not realize was the calcium stopped up the faucet and that stopped the water flow. So, when the element came off, the water came out. All 30 plus gallons that was left after the so called draining.


I yelled for BJ to bring me some towels. Lots of towels. In fact bring me all the towels we have, which she did along with bed sheets, after which she went back into the living room to finish watching the Olympics. Along with the towels and shop vacuum, I finally get all the water up. After another couple of hours of removing the calcium and the broken element from the tank, I finish my repair and we have hot water again, three hours after I started.


In order to repay BJ for that, “you should have called a plumber,” look on her face, I left her a bath tub full of wet towels and bed sheets for her.


Now I know that some of you men out there would ask why didn’t you just re-plug the hole, till you could get something to catch the water. Well, in the words of my lovely wife, “Sometimes things just happen to me.”


Life is good, it’s porch and coffee time…

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The Altercation

Sometimes joking around can be misunderstood.

Circa 2003

Craig jumped out of his car after he stopped at the gas pump and yelled at me, “Let me tell you something old man, you ever cut me off like that again, you and me are going to have words!” I yelled back at him, “Why wait, why wait, I’m here now. You want some of me, come on over, bring it on!” Craig; “Let me pump my gas, and me and my tire iron will be right over, you old people think you own the road!”  “Yea yea, you’re all mouth skinny boy. I’ll fix you.” Craig; “You have a good weapon with that ugly face, “Yea, when was the last time you ate skinny boy?” Where do you shop for clothes, the Baby Gap?” “Yea, well when was the last time you saw your whole body in the mirror, fat man?” Blah, blah, blah…


A women who just finished pumping her gas walked toward the store muttering., “Grown men acting like this, I’ve never seen such bad behavior.” Our pastor Gary was pumping gas one row over, but decided to act like he didn’t know us.


Mean while, in the store BJ was at the counter paying for a drink, when in walks this women and tells the clerk that you may have to call the police, there are a couple of grown men at the gas pumps getting ready to fight. She said that she has not seen such behavior from grown men like that, and they got children in the car. What is this world coming to. They ought to be locked up. They are just plan sorry!


Now BJ is looking over her shoulder and all she sees is me and Craig plus some others from the church. She hurried and paid for her drink and come to the car, and said I don’t know what is going on, but we better leave before the police gets here.


Now I have always pride myself on being quick off the cuff, but I have to yield to the master. Craig is by far the king of such wit. He brings excitement everywhere he goes, whether leading the singing at church or pumping gas. Did I ever tell you about the time he played the bride in a womanless wedding? Now that was exciting and funny. If you could bottle up his happy spirit and pour it over the world, we would have a better world to live in.


 I really feel bad that the lady took this the wrong way, and she was right, grown men should not act that way. But if she had known us better, she would have realized that what she saw were not two grown men, instead it was two country boys from the Corinth Community enjoying life in their own strange way. Looking back on it we should have made it right with her, however, I’m sure she used that scene to teach her children how not to act in public.


Now I know there is time to take your self serious, and I have occasionally done so, however, when I get around the Burnett’s things always happen even while buying gas next to one…well, like I said, things happen.  


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