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The Refrigerator

BJ hated that refrigerator for all the reasons that made sense to her. However, I kind of liked it and told her that I had no intentions of buying her another one. So, as we were shopping for one at Badcock, I got the measurements off the one on the floor that she liked, to see if would fit in the space where the old one sat. We came home and I measured it several times and yep it would fit. Lucky me! I go back to Badcock alone to make the purchase. While I was waiting for the salesperson, I notice that refrigerator was in the sale paper, and it was $200.00 off the regular price. Now I’m really thinking, lucky me!

The refrigerator arrived on Thursday morning and after disassembling the banister on my back deck we finally got the thing in her kitchen. We move the old refrigerator out of the way, and I hastily clean up the floor where it had sat. Have you ever seen what lives under one of those things? Ugful as Kaylee would say.

So, the guys are looking at the empty space and saying, “I don’t think it will fit.”

“Sure it will, I measured everything before, and it will fit perfectly.”

“Don’t think so sir.”

“Just push it in ok!”

They were right it didn’t fit! And I am getting a wee bit excited about this now.

“Hey guys, you brought the wrong refrigerator, the one on the floor in the store that I measured would fit this hole!”

“Sir, you didn’t buy the one on the floor.”

“Oh but yes I did, it was on sale in that store paper and I bought it!”

“Sir, the one on the floor is a Frigidaire, and the one in the sale paper is a GE, you bought a GE, and it is bigger.”  

“Let me see that paper work!”

“Ok ok, I bought the wrong one.” Lucky me!

“Sir, would you like for us to take it back?”

“No, I am pretty handy and I will make it fit.”

“Are you sure sir, because it would not be a problem, and we could have the other one in about a week?”

“No, it’s bigger and the wife will like it even more, and besides, I’m pretty handy and will make it fit.”

“Ok, just sign here that we did not install it for you.”

Have you ever reached a point in your life that you wished that your ego had taken a back seat and shut up? Why didn’t I let them return that stupid thing?

Now it begins!

First things first, I take out the overhead cabinets to make room for the added height. Next, I remove the trim from the side of the counter cabinet, and take a measurement. It was the exact same width as the thing. With a little elbow grease I should be able to squeeze the thing in the hole. As I line it up I realized that the ice maker line is too short to reach that far away, so I decided to push the thing half way in and reach over the counter and hook up the line. Well it would not go, so I got my sander and sanded the end of the counter top to gain a little room. About an hour later I finally get it a third of the way in. Next I leaned over the counter to hook up the ice maker. But I could not bend over that hole and reach the line and hold it long enough to connect it to the refrigerator line. I am beginning to hate the thing. I decided to just climb in behind the thing where I would be able to make the connection.

That was going to be tricky also, because I had an injured knee at the time and did not want to hurt it further. So, I climbed up on the counter top and slid my good leg in behind the thing and left the leg with the injured knee up on the counter. What a really wonderful and brilliant idea that was. Just as soon as my foot hit the floor, that leg gave way and now I am wedged behind the thing and the other leg still partially up on the side of the counter. I can’t get it all the way down with the space too small to slide around and get my other leg straight and stand up. I tried pushing the thing back out of the hole but it is wedged in tight. I’ve really got this fat boy in a jam. I’m home alone, so there was no use in yelling for help. The phone was 10 feet away, so no help there either. My bad knee is hurting like mad because it is turned and cocked to the side.

When the pain in my leg reach a point of making me panic, I gave the thing one last big push and it went flying out of the hole and hit the island cabinet and put a dent in the door. But I was free at last! Only now I really hate that thing.

After awhile I decided to go to Jasper Hardware and get a plastic ice machine tubing kit and just extend the line so I can hook it up outside the hole. About a hour later it’s done and I turn on the water and the ferrule nut leaks. Now I am pretty handy and know how to connect plumbing fittings, and the first rule in ferrule nuts is not to over tighten it. Well, I cannot stop it from leaking so I over tighten it again. Luckily two ferrules came with the kit, so I put the other one on and it leaked also. After working with it for about a hour, I go back to Jasper and get copper tubing and come back fixed that thing finally. No more leaks! And to get the thing in the hole I use a large gar of Vaseline, that I bought at the hardware store, and rubbed the side of the thing real good and pushed into the hole. DONE!!

One last thing, I went to Lowes and got a half sheet of oak plywood and stain it the color of my cabinets, cut it to fit and put it up where the cabinets were until I can cut them down to fit.

BJ comes home that evening and said “Oh, the refrigerator came, did you have any trouble getting it in?”

“No I’m pretty handy…”

David Butler

January 2010


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Flexible Method – Timeless Message.

There was a delicious aroma in the air when Robert and I got out of the truck. As we walk around the barn, the source of that smell was coming from the big grill where Mike was grilling steaks. Several men were hovering around the outdoor fireplace, pondering a wide variety of issues that most men deem important. Ole Lavon was already there, having come with Gerald. While not much of a talker, he had someone in deep conversation about his tractor. Of course we had to join the group around the fire and offer our opinions to whatever subject that was being pondered at the time, having developed that skill over the years. It takes years to develop the kind of skill needed to converse on so many subjects, and I knew I was among the best when I walked up, and saw Tommy and Glenn at the fire. Men from all around the community were there, and I knew this was going to be fun.

This was the second Tuesday night of the month and Ray had called to see if Robert and I would be coming to the steak supper. It was for men of the community and surrounding counties. There were about 80 men there that night and we were having a great time fellowshipping. The dinner bell soon rang and we all gathered in Ray’s Barn to eat and continue to ponder the events around the world. After supper we were ask to help fold up the tables and set the chairs facing one end of the barn. There was a piano at one end and Kevin was tuning it up as Keith, Craig and Michael broke out the string band. The next thing you know that barn was rocking with “I’ll fly away ole glory, I’ll fly away.”

You have not lived until you listen to that song sang by 80 men in a small barn. “When I die Hallelujah by and by, I’ll fly away.” It kind of makes you want to catch the next flight up. Kevin had that ole piano dancing on that plywood floor. The foot tapping was loud and the voices were clear with old memories of that wonderful song, and many more. All this was just a prelude to Rick Young coming up and sharing what Christ has done in his life.

Now you may think that was natural for Christian Men to enjoy, and even though we did, something more important was going on. There were men there that did not attend church or, if so not regular. So how did this happen? What did it take to get that many un-churched men to come and listen someone speak on God’s behalf at a barn, when it is almost impossible to get them to come to a church building. Churches all over this land are searching for that answer. I don’t know about other denominations but in our convention of 42,000 churches, it takes an average of 2 churches to enroll one person in Sunday School. Last year 10,000 of our churches did not baptize a single person. Only in Georgia did we make significant gains last year.

My pastor says the church needs to change its method of doing God’s business if we are going to reach people, but without changing the message. You never change the message. Salvation =Jesus + nothing will never change or be watered down. But we must be flexible in our method. Churches that are stuck on tradition are dying. “We have always done it that way, and if it was good enough for my mama then its good enough for me.” The church building is just that, because it is not the church until the church arrives. We had church last Tuesday night in a barn. There was no steeple on it, nor was there a sign out front announcing that it was a BAPTIST barn.

Back in the 40’s and 50’s people were more apt to come to church because it was the social gathering place, so we got the idea that, “If we build it they will come.” And we built some fine ones and we call it God’s House. We taught it to our kids that it was God’s House. The first century church did not have a “God’s House.” They met in homes, and when they met, it was church.

So, David what are you saying, shut the Church House doors? No, not at all, God’s people need that common ground to worship regularly, but we have to stop limiting God to that building. We need to take the amen corner to the street corner. That is where the unsaved are. Jesus spent his time around sinners. A church without missions in the communities is not going to reach people.

In their book “Simple Church” Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger said “That people are living complex and busy lives in a complicated world, but look for simplicity. They long for it, seek it, pay for it, even dream of it. Simple is in. Simple works. People respond to simple. Jesus was bothered by meaningless and distracting clutter.”

So, how much simpler is a steak supper and a timeless message in a barn that attracts 80 men on a cold night in February?

That simply put, was outstanding…

 Thanks Ray for the invite.

“Some glad morning when this life is over, I’ll fly away.”

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