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Some traditions never seem to go away, and rightly so. Hot dogs, hamburgers, boiled peanuts, corn on the cob, watermelon, wonderful deserts and lots of fellowship leading up to an awesome fireworks display, all to celebrate the birth of our great nation.

WJ, for many years, always brought the peanuts and now in his memory, his brother Mike brings them. They are boiled in a very large pot that takes four men to move around when it is filled. There is nothing better than shucking and eating peanuts, talking and laughing around an old trailer with long time friends. I sure miss WJ. He and his brothers made and sold the best sausage anywhere. He also sold fruit and produce on the weekends. I tell you a truth that is undisputable in our neck of the woods. There was never a more humble man anywhere. He gave away as much sausage and fruit as he sold. We miss you a lot brother.

While we filled up on peanuts and watermelon, Michael and Bill fired up the grill and started cooking the hamburger patties and hot dogs. The ladies worked on the trimmings inside the church fellowship hall, while the kids enjoyed the water slide and bounce house. There were small groups of people, young and old,  everywhere talking about anything and everything. I always like to engage our pastor, Gary, in American Politics. We love sharing our thoughts and opinions on the hottest political debates. All of us there were just enjoying life, liberty and our pursuit of happiness. Exercising our fundamental personal freedom that this wonderful country has given us, all the while grounded in an infinite, personal and transcendent God. It doesn’t get any better that this. God Bless the USA.

At the proper time we all went inside to dine. After Randy said grace, asking God to bless our nation and the food, we filled our plates with a bountiful 4th of July cuisine. Eating with friends can be down right fun, and we Corinthians have turned it into an art. I really don’t know any group of people anywhere that have more fun than we do. We take our time together very serious and tonight was no different, however, it was starting to get dark and we were all anxious for the grand finality of the days event.

Michael, our leader of such events, along with several men went and loaded up the fireworks, and we all retired to the ball field, where we sat up our chairs. Ray and Rita joined BJ, Lavon and I, and it was not long before the night was bright with a dazzling, spectacular star burst display and crackling noise. It was an unbelievable show that thrilled everyone. The pop, bang, boom, each with its own burst of colors exacted ooh’s and ahh’s all around the field. Stunning red, white and blue “brocade waterfall” bursts, that painted the sky, and lingered as they cascade down. The show completely exceeded everyone’s expectations…

Michael, you did good my friend.

Happy Birthday America.


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