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Where do you go today to find such? In a time when there is so much uncertainty in our country, and the news across this land is rarely good, where can you find them? I don’t know about the rest of the country but in my neck of the woods, I only have to go to Ray’s Compost Barn on the second Tuesday night each month. Yes, you read right, a compost barn, where in days gone by, Ray, after mucking out his poultry houses, would store the compost in this barn for later use. Why there, well the first barn he used, when the Men’s Steak Night Fellowship started over two years ago, quickly became too small. What started with 20+ men is now averaging over a hundred, and now I’m thinking we may have to move out into the pasture.

Where do these men come from? Over the past two years of this event, 1500+ men from the surrounding counties have traveled from up to 65 miles to attend. But why? Is it the steaks that Michael, Danny and Bill cook? Maybe, these guys are the best at this, but I don’t believe that is what draws them. The fellowship? Could be, but to travel up to 65 miles on a week night to have some? I don’t think so. No, to consistently draw men out on a week night in temperatures ranging from 25 to 95 degrees in an open barn, you need a good combination of that plus good music and a good speaker, and having a over powering desire to be around men of faith. Yes, some come out of curiosity, and some come because a friend pretty much dragged him there, but there is no deigning the effect it has on them.

So, who are these men? Neighboring farmers, the mechanic down the street, county commissioners, school teachers, school superintendents, sheriffs, deputies, state troopers, reporters, fire chiefs, prison wardens and correctional staff, the Assistant Secretary of the Florida Department of Corrections, preachers, railroad men. The list is endless, men of all walks of life, with most of them leaders or past leaders in their vocations.

Last Tuesday night was no different. The steak was perfect, the music was outstanding, and the speaker, Warden Chris Landrum, (one of my heroes), challenged us to be real men, real leaders, and men of faith. He said it is not about where you come from, but where your walk is today. His story, like so many of the lay people that speak, was hard for him to tell. The thing was, most all there could relate to it in some form or another.

I for one need this kind of fellowship in my life. I am concerned about the path our country is on and need reassuring from time to time. Being a news junky has its down fall, because it is mostly bad. To tell me that our country is no longer a Christian nation is like slapping me in the face. To tell me I need to embrace abortion and same sex marriage is the same as telling me my God is not real, neither is his Bible true. To stomp on our Constitution and say it is no longer revenant is an abomination to me. So, I need to hear stories like Chris’ and songs like the one Kevin Andrews sang, “I’m not Ashamed.” I need to hear Timmy remind us that real men love Jesus.

Yes, real men go to Men’s Steak Night Fellowship.

“I’m not ashamed,
I’ve been forgiven
I have no need to run and hide.
And when You take my hand I know that there’s no need to be afraid
I’m not ashamed to say I love You.
And I know You first loved me.
And when I hear Your voice
It keeps me hangin’ on to what I’ve got.”


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